Ways to Prevent Bed Bug Problems in Ellendale, DE.

Preferred Choice for the Elimination of Bed Bugs in Ellendale, DE.

If you’re looking for affordable bed bug prevention in Ellendale, DE, Pro-Tec Pest Services is here to help! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help choose the best remedies for your needs and arrange for an appointment to your home or business at a time that’s convenient for you—all with just a phone call. In addition to Ellendale, DE we also serve all other towns in Sussex County, DE.

Whether you live in the city or suburbs, Pro-Tec Pest Services can assist you in the treatment of unwanted bed bugs in your home or business. If you have a commercial or residential bed bug removal need in ZIP code area of 19941 or a surrounding area, we can send a certified technician to treat and help prevent further bed bug problems affordably and promptly.

If your need for bed bug treatment is an emergency, please feel free to call us at 302-994-2847 for a quote for same day service. We’re available during normal business hours to answer all your questions. We also know that when it comes to bed bug problems in your home it is a top priority to treat them as quickly as possible to give you peace of mind in your home.

Nothing gives people the creeps like the presence bed bugs. If your space has been invaded by uninvited visitors, you need a reliable exterminator to nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse. At Pro-Tec Pest Services, we are dedicated exclusively to bed bug eradication. We can provide customers with complete control at all levels of infestation.

Protect Your Health

Bed bug infestations are more than just unsightly and annoying; in many cases, they can actually impact your health. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk when help is available from Pro-Tec Pest Services. Our pest exterminators pride themselves on their:

  • Thorough elimination techniques
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience in the bed bug control arena
  • Focus on customer safety and satisfaction

You have probably heard the old saying, “Sleep tight … don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Their name comes from their tendency to live in and around where we sleep and from the fact that they typically feed on us at night, bed bugs can be found throughout dwellings and workplaces. Bed bugs can seem to come from nowhere, but are being seen more and more in homes, apartments, hotels, shelters, dormitories, nursing homes and any other places people gather. They are active travelers, usually being transported in luggage, boxes, clothing and furniture. Infestations are not tied to unsanitary living conditions; even world-class hotels have reported bed bug problems.

At Pro-Tec Pest Service, Inc., we not only remove and prevent further bed bug problems, we use our 25 years of experience to help determine what is best for the unique situation of each customer. The strategy involved in deciding which method to remove the bed bugs can be confusing. With our expertise, you’ll have the right method from the beginning of the task, minimizing time and expense.

One of the hallmarks of our business is our customer loyalty. Pro-Tec Pest Services Inc. is proud of the relationship that we have with our customers. We’ve spent years building our relationships with them, resulting in repeat customers throughout our service area. Here’s what we offer our clients:

  • Affordable prices backed by friendly service
  • Dependable personnel and on-time service
  • Whenever possible, our technician arrives to suit your schedule
  • Instant Price Quotes and Solutions

We’re also very aware of the local regulations along with the wishes of our customers. We take great pride in living up to all criteria that is set forth by environmentally friendly standards.

Because of that, we do our best to make sure we’re offering outstanding consideration to our neighbors as. At Pro-Tec Services we provide the best in bed bug treatment and prevention in the Ellendale area. And to us the best is not only offering you a great deal, but also making sure that your bed bug prevention and removal is as effortless and worry-free as possible